Punë praktike.

26. February. 2016 - 02:04

The student Sabina Kalcinoska two years in a row, during the summer participated in an internship in NLB Tutunska Bank - branch in Struga, with which ban IUS has signed a contract for performing an internship. During the internship our student Sabina showed an exceptional dedication and commitment to work, thanks to which was invited and engaged in Tutunska Bank - branch in Struga. International University of Struga is particularly proud and happy about the achievements and successes of its students, but in this case the pleasure is even greater because it is IUS that made possible the participation in an internship at the bank where they were the qualities of our student were noticed and rewarded.  Our student Sabina employment and congratulate and wish success in further!

31. December. 1969 - 17:00

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