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Scientific publications are different resources which come as a productivity of students’ effort or the effort of different academics that are part of the IUS’s staff. After elaboration and scientific research of various information, students / academics choose to publish articles, books or selected paper works which will serve to all interested in different areas of science. Within International University of Struga are published these publications:



 PhD.  Anastas Angjeli

 PhD.  Armen Kadriu

 PhD.  Alqi Naqellari

The text "Macroeconomics" is designed to deepen the knowledge in the field of Macroeconomics

This book can be easily used by students of the Faculty of Economics and other faculties.

The material is divided into two parts - the first part deals with theoretical problems of Macroeconomics where are analyzed elements of monetary policy, investment, budget deficit and others. The second part contains practical subjects and exercises based generally on theoretical material generally but also abroad.


Banking Marketing


PhD. Armen Kadriu

PhD. Anastas Angjeli

PhD. Alqi Naqellari

  • The book "Banking Marketing" is designed in support of the study programs of IUS and MUA for the subject Banking Marketing.
  • The composition of the program and the material structure is relied on the experience of Western universities, London City College and American Heritage University, with whom IUS and MUA collaborate.
  • The material is theoretical and practical. In its design is used rich experience of the authors in the field of banking and finance in general.
  • This text will help students of the Faculty of Economics, lecturers, marketing employees and the banks’ administration in general.


Negotiation and Globalization


PhD. Shpëtim Cami

Msc .Dorian Leka

  • This book is specifically designed for students of the Faculty of Law and political Sciences.
  • Negotiation is a process that begins from the family, society, everyday activities, business, court, education and wherever interact two or more people who have mutual interests.
  • Meanwhile, globalization is a complex process and phenomenon that is familiar with economic, political and cultural life as a daily activity.
  •  This publication aims to provide basic knowledge about these processes that accompany us in our daily life
  • The book is divided into two parts and contains diverse modules connected with the art of negotiation and the role of globalization being supplemented by applying models. This edition also contains topics for essays, which help students to draft scientific papers in the field of Diplomacy,politics, international relations, globalization and other scientific fields.



PhD Armen Kadriu

PhD Florida Veljanoska

PhD Biljana Ciglovska 

            PhD Armen Kadriu, PhD Florida Veljanoska and PhD Biljana Ciglovska with their research revealed that even at the local level an individual can act seriously and give an important contribution to the academic and scientific development and research.

Through the new book "International and Economic Relations", which was published yesterday, the authors offered new horizons for the study of international economy, which has shown a need and space for research of new trends and development.

This book fills the gaps that existed in the study of this field of science, but also opens up opportunities for innovative research in this field. Completion of the lack of research in the field of international economy but also providing the text for students of The Faculty of Economics are the biggest benefits with the publication of this book.

Inside the book are interpreted theoretical descriptions associated with international trade, international payments and international movement of the capital, technology and work through the present prism and explaining the theoretical and historic determinants. Also this literature has analyzed the development of international trade by focusing on the elaboration of modern, economic and political performance of international and economic relations and international financial flows.