30. November. 2015 - 00:00

Institute of International Politics and European Studies and international politics at International University of Struga, is an institution that would work inside the center of the University in accordance to its objectives. The basic aim of the Institute for European Studies and International policy frameworks in Struga is to be prepared to face challenges for Euro integration. Institute will participate in the conduct of the decisions for the operation and at the same time will be required to be part of the decision that the International University of Struga, and will account to the Board about educational institution.

The mission of ISE

"To contribute in development and democratization of institutions and society and to promote the European integration process; very qualified staff of the Institute of European Studies, the International University of Struga ensures that all service contracts in order to be always efficient, professional and reliable."

ISE works in the field of:

* Euro-Atlantic integration

The motto of the ISE are the words of Robert Shuman who says:

'It is necessary that each person is motivated by the belief that we need each other, regardless of position and power or force that we poses'

By taking into account of the higher quote and mention to the following example of member states in the European Union will aim to frame our potential and contribute towards The Republic of Macedonia in the EU, through analysis of rights, laws, which correspond to the EU laws in the Republic of Macedonia and for advancing the realization of necessary reforms. Also understanding the importance of NATO and by emphasizing the importance of security will be contributing towards the integration of Macedonia into NATO. ISE will target every right exemption meanings stereotype, prejudice and discrimination. The Institute will pursue democratic ways and will help in affirmation of European flows.

One of the basic goals of the institute will be the elimination of all forms of discrimination.

Terms of spatial ISE

Besides that necessary institutions can be qualified with all the necessary conditions to implement the activities and science-research affairs. In terms of logistical, technical and spatial support IES follows new developments in contemporary education.

Director of Institute of International Politics and European Studies - MSc. Edi Qela e.kela@eust.edu.mk