Basic goals and duties of the Student Union

14. December. 2015 - 00:00


  1. To answer to the students’ problems and solve them
  2. To contribute in the development of the students’ organizational and management capabilities.
  3. To create structures that will serve to inform the students and to maintain them.
  4. To cooperate with the administrative organs within the university in order to improve the educational and scientific research quality.
  5. To establish and strengthen the relations between the students of the university and students from the other universities in Republic of Macedonia and in the region, including the cooperation agreements in progress.
  6. To act in order to improve the conditions of the students
  7. To create assistant structures that will contribute in the students’ activities outside the classroom.
  8. To provide equipment, necessary for the students.
  9. To enrich the cultural and educational life of the students.
  10. To contribute in making better the leisure time of the students
  11. To initiate cooperation with other students’, national and international organizations.


Student Union Structure

  1. Student issues Office
  2. Activities
  3. Information
  4. Career development
  5. Accommodation
  6. Academic Preparation Office
  7. Electoral Committee of the students
  8. Representatives of the Faculties, members in the Student Union for 3 years
  9. Students’ Representative in the IUS Senate
  10. Archive

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