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Administrative Service, within the IUS functions in accordance with the Statute of IUS and the Regulation of the internal organization of the Administration, approved by the decision of the Board of the International University in Struga. According to the Statute, the Administration is responsible for the professional, administrative and technical concerns related to:

1. Education, scientific research and Administrative work;
2. Administration and the study procedure;
3. Staff Administration;
4. Administration of legal affairs;
5. University development plan;
6. Accounting and finance;
7. Property maintenance and documentation
8. Files;
9. Flow of goods;
10. Management of information system;
11. Central Database;
12. Other general aspects of the University’s Administration.

The work of the administrative professional service within the university is managed by the Secretary General of the University. The Secretary General has the rights and obligations specified by law, by the Statute and other general acts of the University.


Secretary General of the University:

-Ensures preparation and processing of the materials for the Rector’s and Senate’s meetings as well as the answers for the preparation of decisions and general acts adopted by these bodies;

-Ensures compliance and implementation of the obligations of the University, in cooperation with state and municipal authorities responsible for issues related to education and science;

- It represents the University’s legal matters

In accordance with its rules, it’s committed to collaborations with other universities in and outside the country.

-Ensures the regularity and the promptness in performing tasks and the preparation of materials and because of this organizes meetings with administrative services and competent academic staff; 

-Monitors the implementation of decisions and conclusions of the University structures and provides notification of the taken decisions,

 -Coordinates work with secretaries or heads of the units within the University on issues dealing with the University as a whole,

-Fulfils other obligations which are defined by the Rector, respectively Vice-Rectors of the University

Administration should create an opportunity for the University to be able to carry out the undertaken duties in the field of teaching and in the scientific research field as responsibility of contemporary administrations, in accordance with European standards.

Responsibility, communication and transparency should be the motto of the Administration Progress



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