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The Eurasian Universities Union, based in Istanbul, Republic of Turkey, is founded in 2009. Currently there are more than 80 universities members from Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

In the last period the EURAS has realized many projects, scientific conferences, seminars and etc.


CUAM - Consortium of Universities in Africa and Mediterranean, based in Italy 

 CUAM is a consortium of 72 Universities from Europe, Asia and Africa. The main role of CUAM is promotion of scientific collaboration between Universities- members of the consortium, organizing scientific seminars, conferences, preparation of scientific studies and programs as well as improvement of Universities work according to the European study programs and criteria.


Centre for the development of the South-western region

The International University of Struga signed a memorandum of cooperation with the Centre for development of the South-western Region in order to contribute to the achievement of the strategic objectives for regional development. This joined cooperation needs to strengthen the local and regional development, and the sustainable development projects that support the overall progress of the South west region.


Ministry of Education and Science of Republic of Macedonia

The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia has a social responsibility to provide conditions for development of education and opportunities for improvement of citizens’ wellbeing. The effects of the activities undertaken by the Ministry are strong and lasting which directly influence the life of every citizen.


British Business Group (BBG)

The British Business Group exists to facilitate trade links between Great Britain and Macedonia and acts as a voice for good business practises and the introduction of industrial specific standards.



The International University of Struga is accredited by the EBC*L exam centre. EBC*L is wide established business qualification certificate attesting the holder the core competence needed to: take part in economic life; be able to run a department and make managerial decisions; control and manage the financial aspects of a project; start up a new business.


HyGrade International

HyGrade International is well-known, recognized and proven consulting group whose skills and experience consist in helping the institutions in their successful achievement and task performance in a particular area at any stage of their existence, whether it has to do with the growth, altered operating environment, efforts to improve or develop.


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