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USAClarion University of Pennsylvania dünyanın en eski üniversiteleri arasında yerini almaktadır.Temelleri eski 1867 yılına dayanmaktadır. Sözkpnusu üniversite devlet üniversitesi olmaklabirlikte Pensilvanyanın devlet yükseköğrenim sistemini oluşturan 14 yükseköğrenimkurumundan biridir.


University of California, Irvine, USA

The conclusion of a cooperation agreement with the University of California - Irvine is one of the most significant events in the history of the International University of Struga, given the impressive features and the ranking of the university globally. The University of California - Irvine is ranked as the 3rd best public university in the United States by Money Magazine. In addition, Times Higher Education ranks the University of California-Irvine as 4th in the world and 1st in the United States among universities which are younger than 50 years. Other than these accolades, University of California, Irvine is repeatedly ranked high on the Shanghai list of best universities, where it ranks between 40-50th place. In the past years, three professors of the University of California, Irvine won the Nobel Prize. The total number of students is about 32,000, with about 9,700 employees. University of California, Irvine enables studies of approximately 200 degree programs at the undergraduate, master and doctoral studies. The campus is spread over 1,500 acres and is adjacent to the coast of the Pacific Ocean.


University of Sao Paolo, Brasil


The University of São Paulo (Portuguese: Universidade de São Paulo, USP) is a public university in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. It is the largest Brazilian public university and the country's most prestigious educational institution, the best university in South America, and holds a high reputation among world universities, being ranked 51-60 worldwide in reputation by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings. USP is involved in teaching, research and university extension in all areas of knowledge, offering a broad range of courses.

The university has subsequently created new departments, becoming one of the largest institutions of higher education in Latin America, with approximately 90,000 enrolled students. USP was ranked 19th worldwide in a rank based on the number of alumni who became CEOs in the world's 500 largest companies, and also classed in the top 100 worldwide in the Global Employability University Ranking. In terms of research, USP is Brazil's largest research institution, producing more than 25% of the scientific papers published by Brazilian researchers in high quality conferences and journals. In 2015, out of 36 subjects, the QS World University Rankings ranked USP in the top 50 in eight subjects (including Architecture, Dentistry, Civil Engineering, Agriculture/Forestry, Art/Design and Veterinary Science) and in the top 51-100th position in 21 more subjects (including Computer Science, Mechanical, Electrical and Chemical Engineering, Modern Languages, Geography, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics). According to the Shangai Ranking the Sao Paolo University is ranked 101st place.


University of Milano

It is one of the best universities in Europe and the best in Italy. According to statistics, the University of Milan is the largest university in Europe, with over 65 000 students, 2 500 members of the scientific and academic staff and 2300 members of the administrative staff. The University of Milan has 9 schools and offers 134 undergraduate and graduate courses,92 specialization schools and 21 doctoral schools.Besides being  the largest university in Europe, the University of Milan is also one of the oldest universities. It dates back to the distant 1792. By joining various schools and through continuous upgrading and enrichment of schools and curricula it has become the best university in Italy.

The total university surface area is about 500 000m2, where most of the schools are located in the monumental historic buildings dating from the 15th, 17th and 18th centuries.

The international importance and performance of the University of Milan is also confirmed by international ratings, according to which the University of Milan is ranked 1st  in Italy. On the Shanghai list of best universities in the world, the University of Milan is ranked between 101-150 in the world, between 35 - 56 in Europe and it ranked number 1 in Italy. According to the Leiden Ranking, University of Milan is ranked as the 7th university in Europe and the best  in Italy.


 University od Szeged, Hungary


The University of Szeged, Hungary is among the top 500 Universities according to the Shanghai list. It is one of the biggest Universities in Hungary, with more than 30.000 students, 12.000 employees and the academic staff is counted to be more than 2.200. This University implements education for undergraduate, post graduate and doctoral studies.  In December 2015 despite the Agreement for collaboration, IUS has also signed the agreement for dual degree cooperation with the University of Szeged.


University of Florence, Italy


The University of Florence is one of the most reputed high educational institutions not only in Italy, but also in the whole Europe. It is ranked on the 200th place of the Shanghai academic ranking of the top 500 universities in the world. It is a very old state university, which originates from 1321. There are 12 faculties within the university and there are enrolled more than 60.000 students.


University of Stirling, London Academy of Diplomacy


The University of Stirling is established with the Royal Charter of 1967, and it is the first new university on the Scotland territory, after 1582, when the Edinburg University is established.  It is situated in a huge area of 3.2 km and it is considered as one of the best campuses in the world. There are 8 schools and 15 departments within the University of Stirling. There are enrolled 11.000 students only in the academic year 2013/2014.

The Diplomatic Academy of London is the most reputed diplomatic academy in the world, situated in the heart of the London. There are three study programs within the academy. IUS and the University of Stirling also have dual degree cooperation.


Kindai University, Japan


Kindai University is one of the oldest and most famous universities in Japan. The university dates its foundation to the establishment of Osaka Technical College. The name of the university had been Kinki University since its establishment in 1949, however, in 2014 the university announced that its name would officially change to Kindai. Kindai University is comprised of 13 faculties with 48 departments, in the fields of law, economics, business management, agriculture, information technology, engineering, biology, medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, and more. It has 6 campuses which are located in the second largest city of Japan, Osaka. More than 920 people who work full-time are part of the academic staff and there are more than 30,000 undergraduate students.


Rey (KING) Juan Carlos University, Spain


University Rey Juan Carlos is located in Madrid, Spain. It is one of the most renowned universities in Spain, and is second for the number of students in the region of Madrid. The university is named after King Juan Carlos 1. There are 4 campuses in this university.  University organizes courses of three study cycles - undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies. It offers 64 study programs, 44 dual degrees, the possibility to study in English language, online studies etc.

MCI Management Center Innsbruck, Austria


MCI is a private educational institution, owned by public institutions, like the municipality of Innsbruck, Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Industry and the  most renowned university in Austria – the University of Innsbruck. In fact, MCI is part of the concept Open University Innsbruck, composed together with the University of Innsbruck. Practically, MCI as part of the University of Innsbruck shares the infrastructural, spatial, material, sports and other capacities with the University of Innsbruck.

The University of Innsbruck, which is also owner of MCI is one of the oldest universities in the world, founded in 1669. The university has 16 schools, 27 500 students  and  4 500 employees - academic staff. The university is ranked  200th on the Shanghai list of 500 best universities in the world that is a high ranking. 25 study programs operate within MCI ,undergraduate and postgraduate studies.

The International University of Struga is the only university not only in the Balkans but also in the wider region, which has concluded a cooperation agreement with MCI.

University of Lusofona, Lisboa, Portugal


University of Lusofona is the largest private university in Portugal. It was founded in 1989 and currently over 9000 students are part of this university. The university is a part of the group Lusofona, which administers other universities in Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique and other countries.

Lusofona University has accreditation for three study cycles, offering 10 undergraduate, 10 postgraduate and 4 doctoral study departments. The total number of study programs offered by the university is 92.




Odlar Yurdu University, Azerbaijan


“Odlar Yurdu University” from Baku, Azerbaijan is one of the most reputable private universities in Azerbaijan. It was founded in 1995; 6 faculties and 8 centers are functioning under the patronage of the university. University has developed an extensive network of international cooperation in recent years, including cooperation in the field of issuance of double diplomas. Apart from other universities, Odlar Yurdu University has signed a cooperation agreement and issuance of double diplomas with the “International University of Struga” as well.

Cologne Business School, Germany


Cologne Business School GmbH (CBS) is a private business school established in 1993 in the city of Cologne, Germany. The business school is a state-recognized university of applied science and conducts research in many fields.

In the 2014–2015 Center for Higher Education rankings, Has ranked Cologne Business School among the three best business schools in Germany for their master's degree programs.  Additionally the business school noted top score and recognized for "international orientation", "international orientation master", and "practical relevance". The MBA program has been recognized as one of the most popular in Europe.

The business newspaper Wirtschaftswoche published the 2015 Uni-Ranking within the field of business and economics in Germany, in which Cologne Business School (CBS) was ranked number 4.


Jaume 1 University, Spain


Jaume 1 University is a university in the city of Castellón de la Plana, Spain. It was founded in 1991. It is named after Jaume I, the king who founded the Kingdom of Valencia. Universitat Jaume I is currently the leading higher education and research centre in the north of the Valencian Community and it is continually seeking to enhance the social, economic and cultural development of the society in which it is immersed through the creation and transmission of knowledge. At the UJI, approximately 15 000 students share a single campus, a number that makes it a close-knit University but not an overcrowded one, thus allowing students to enjoy personalized attention at all times. The campus, covering 176 000 m2, has 4 faculties and many research and management buildings articulated around a central 13 000 m2 garden, called the Jardí dels Sentits (the garden of the senses).

University of Split, Croatia


The University of Split was established in 1974 and has 13 faculties and 124 study programs. The university has accreditation for three cycles of studies – bachelor, master and PhD, more than 1.500 academic staff and more than 20.000 students. The university cooperates with many distinguished universities in the world and is also a member of many reputed university associations.

Utena University of Applied Sciences, Lithuania


Utena University of Applied Sciences is a state university which offers  21 study programs in the field of economy, tourism, agriculture, law, ecology, information technology, electrical engineering, and others. Furthermore, graduates of this university have possibility to get double diploma with higher education institutions in Latvia, Bulgaria and Great Britain thanks to the cooperation agreement concluded by Utena University.

Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute of Armenia


Gyumri State Pedagogical Institute of Armenia  is one of the oldest state higher education institutions in Armenia, whose roots date back to 1936.The institution has 7 departments, offering a wide range of different study programs.Celebrities from public and political life in Armenia have studied in the institution,names like Hovhannes Shiraz- one of the most famous Armenian poets, and Samvel Balasanyan - mayor of Gyumri.

University of applied sciences Baltazar Zapresic, Croatia


Baltazar Zaprešić University was founded 15 years ago and has achieved exceptionally high academic results  in recent years . The university has 4 study programs in the fields of business, management and computer science.

University of Oradea, Romania


The University of Oradea is a public university located in the city of Oradea in north-western Romania. With 15 faculties, the university has a total of 123 fields of study for undergraduate and 151 post-graduate degrees. The University employs 1,600 people, of which 1,080 are members of the academic staff and over 21,000 students.


University of Pitesti, Romania


The University of Piteşti, Romania. It is a state university in Romania, whose roots date back to the distant 1962 but 1991 is considered as the official year of establishment. The university includes 5 faculties with a large number of study programs in business, law, engineering, information technology, education, natural resource management, social sciences, health, Mathematics and others.

The university has over 700 members as academic staff and around 12000 students.




Karoly Robert College, Hungary


Karoly Robert is a state college which was founded 55 years ago.  The college has accreditation for undergraduate and postgraduate studies in management, business, accounting, finance and leadership.

Sting Academy, Czech Republic


 STING Academy is the first private university in Brno, founded in 2000. The university has accreditation for first and second cycle of studies. Over the last couple of years, STING Academy has received a growing number of awards, among them the award for the best SME in Brno and in 2015 the prestigious award for the best private university in the Czech Republic.

Ventspils University College


Ventspils University College (VUC) was founded in 1997 as a self-governing state university college and a scientific institution. Its basic activity is to carry out scientific research and to implement academic and professional study programmes.

Schiller International University


Schiller International University is a private American university with seven campuses in six countries. Campuses are located in London, England; Paris and Strasbourg, France; Madrid, Spain; Heidelberg, Germany; Leysin, Switzerland; and Largo, Florida. SIU offers Associate's, Bachelor's and Master's degrees in a number of areas. Founded in 1964 by Dr. Walter Leibrecht as a study abroad program for Americans in Germany, it now provides undergraduate and graduate education to students from over 100 countries. Most Schiller campuses are in or near major cities offering abundant cultural opportunities in which students are actively encouraged to participate. The University is unique in that it gives students the opportunity to transfer from one campus to another, from one country to another, while remaining in the same university without loss of time or credit.

University Of Tirana


It was the first university in Albania when it was founded in October 1957 as State University of Tirana by joining together five existing institutes of higher education. The number of students attending this university is over 14,000 and the number of teaching staff is over 600. The Rector is Dhori Kule (from 2008).

University of Elbasan, Albania


Aleksandër Xhuvani University is a successor institution of the "Elbasan Normal School", a teacher training institution that was founded on December 1, 1909. "Shkolla Normale" was a secondary school - the first to teach in the Albanian language. It continues to exist as a school within the University and is called Shkolla Normale Pedagogjike.

The first establishment of an institution of higher education in Elbasan occurred in 1971 with the founding of the Institut i Lartë Pedagogjik "Aleksandër Xhuvani" (Aleksandër Xhuvani Higher Educational Institute). This institution consisted of several teacher training departments (Albanian Language and Literature, Mathematics and Physics, History and Geography, Chemistry and Biology), as well as Engineering and Economics departments that were outposts of the University of Tirana. On November 12, 1991, the Institute became the Aleksandër Xhuvani University.

The university is named after Aleksandër Xhuvani, an Albanian philologist and educator.

University of Shkoder Luigj Gurakuqi, Albania


The University of Shkodër "Luigj Gurakuqi" in Albania was established in 1957. It has 6 faculties, 15 branches, 14 departments and more than 140 professors. There were more than 10,000 students studying in 2007.





South-West University "Neofit Rilski", Bulgaria



The University “Neofit Rilski” is a state university from Bulgaria founded in 1976. Mainly, the university was working as an affiliate of the Sofian University, but since 1983 it has been functioning as an independent higher educational institution. It is situated in Blagoevgrad. Today, the university is ranged as one of the best universities in Bulgaria, which enrolls large number of students each year. There are 7 faculties and 1 college within the university.

University in Sarajevo, BiH


International University of Struga has signed cooperation memorandum with the University in Sarajevo. This collaboration provides mutual support for the development of education and science. University in Sarajevo has donated and enriched the library of the International University of Struga with many titles in the field of legal and political sciences.


Ministry of Education and Science


The Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Macedonia has a social responsibility to provide conditions for development of education and opportunities for improvement of citizens’ wellbeing. The effects of the activities undertaken by the Ministry are strong and lasting and directly influence the life of every citizen. The conditions and possibilities for prevention and compensation that the Ministry creates in the field of education and training, research, development, and affirmation of cultural values are of essential importance for life choices of both youth and adults.


British Business Group (BBG)


The British Business Group exists to facilitate trade links between Great Britain and Macedonia and act as a voice for good business practices and the introduction of industry specific standards.




International University of Struga is an accredited EBC*L exam center. EBC*L is wide established business qualification certificate attesting the holder the core competence needed to: take part in economic life; be able to run a department and make managerial decisions; control and manage the financial aspects of a project; start up a new business.


Kensington College of Business



International University of Struga is an affiliate college of Kensington College of Business and has a right to offer their study programs. KCB is an official partner of the University of Glamorgan and as a renowned institution has been operating in the educational system of UK for the last 25 years. Several government and professional bodies like NFCE, ICSA, CIM and AIHEP have accredited the college.


HyGrade International



HyGrade is a well established business consultancy group that has the skills and experience within its organization to help companies in any area of their business and at any stage of its growth, managing change, process improvement and business development.

Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar, BiH







International University of Struga and the Dzemal Bijedic University of Mostar, established a cooperation in order to promote academic and cultural cooperation between the two institutions.

Cooperation will be implemented through the following activities

•             networking and mutual exchange of teachers, staff and students;

•             joint participation and applications access funds dedicated to education, research and artistic activities;

•             running joint programs, symposia, congresses, seminars, courses, summer  schools, workshops and other forms of cooperation of mutual interest;

The exchange of professional literature, textbooks and other university publications


University of Sarajevo, BiH



International University of Struga and the University of Sarajevo, established cooperation in order to promote academic and cultural cooperation between the two institutions.

Cooperation will be implemented through the following activities

•             networking and mutual exchange of teachers, staff and students;

•             joint participation and applications access funds dedicated to education, research and artistic activities;

•             running joint programs, symposia, congresses, seminars, courses, summer  schools, workshops and other forms of cooperation of mutual interest;

The exchange of professional literature, textbooks and other university publications


International University of Novi Pazar, Serbia


International University of Struga and the International University of Novi Pazar, established a cooperation in order to promote academic and cultural cooperation between the two institutions.

Cooperation will be implemented through the following activities

•             networking and mutual exchange of teachers, staff and students;

•             joint participation and applications access funds dedicated to education, research and artistic activities;

•             running joint programs, symposia, congresses, seminars, courses, summer  schools, workshops and other forms of cooperation of mutual interest;

The exchange of professional literature, textbooks and other university publications

“Ordu” University, Turkey


The University Ordu is one of the most respected and well known Universities in Republic of Turkey. This University was established in 2006 due to the merger of the top two Universities in Turkey, Ondokuz Mayıs and Karadeniz Technical University.  Even thought this University is considerate as a relatively new, it has an enormous experience resulting from the successful past and the professional academic staff. There are 10 Faculties, 3 Institutes, 3 higher education colleges and 10 higher specialized school streams.






“Adnan Menderes” University, Turkey


This University was established in 1992 and today it is considered as one of the best equipped educational campuses not only in Turkey but worldwide. The University has more than 4.500м2, , 36 student clubs, and all of this just to make students feel more comfortable.  The University has 3 institutes and 7 Faculties.

University “Illyria”,  Albania


The University “Illyria” was established in 2007 in Tirana, Albania. This is a highly respected higher educational institute with three Faculties- Faculty of Law, Faculty of Political Sciences and Faculty of Economy.

State University of Novi Pazar, Serbia


The University of Novi Pazar is a high ranged educational institution in Republic of Serbia, established in 2006. This University holds accreditation for undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral studies. The University has three Faculties with 10 departments. 

“Trakya” University, Edirne, Turkey


“Trakya” University was established in 1982. Today, this University has 4 institutes, 12 Faculties. The University has its own campus which allows student to study in the most fashionable conditions, providing them with modern accommodation, fun and relaxation activates. This University is league with the best European University. 

Aleksander Moisiu University, Durres


This is a state University established in 2005 in Durus, Albania. This University has five Faculties each one offering modern and compatible European system of education.

“Biznesi” College University, Pristine, Kosovo


This is a private higher educational institution, established in 2004, in Pristine. The number of students at this University continuously grows. Now there are more than 8.500 students. Students can sign up in one of the four undergraduate and postgraduate study programs.

“ALFA” University, Belgrade, Serbia


“Alfa” University is the first private University in Republic of Serbia. This University exists for 20 years now and holds more than 20 accredited study programs. “Alfa’ University has three levels of study programs: undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study. 

LIEPAJA University, Latvia


Liepaja University is a Latvian state University established in 1954. Since it is among the oldest University it is one of them most respected Universities in Latvia and in the other European countries as well. There are undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral study programs. This University has more than 30 accredited study programs and more than 20.000 graduate students. 

Tsenov Academy of Economics, Bulgaria


Tsenov Academy of Economics is a leading high educational institute in Bulgaria. There are 4 Faculties, 18 departments and many more research institutes and centers. More than 10.000 students study there. This University also offers distance-learning program.

IBS International Business School, Ljubljana, Slovenia


The International Business School Ljubljana is a higher educational institution which offers three study programs for international business studies. During the last period it has developed a strong international cooperation with many universities from Europe, the USA and Canada.




New Bulgarian University, Bulgaria



It is a private higher educational institution from Bulgaria, founded in 1991. There are many departments and research centers within the university.