29. November. 2015 - 00:00


Welcome to the “International University of Struga”, a modern, European University, which offers contemporary education to the citizens of Republic of Macedonia as well as to the students from the region.

The opening of this University is one of the most important historical events for the town, for Republic of Macedonia as well as for the Balkan. This University will help to the citizens of Struga, the Macedonian citizen and the citizens from the region to realize their dreams; furthermore it will develop Struga into the “Strasbourg of the Balkans”.

There are four faculties at Bachelor level within the university, as following: the Faculty of Economics, the Faculty of Political Sciences, the Faculty of Law and the Faculty of Information technology. Also, there are two institutes functioning within the University as following: the Institute of Europeanism and International Policy and the Institute of Economical development and Ecological Management. This formation makes the International University of Struga a higher educational centre which completes serious scientific researches.

The courses implemented at the International University of Struga are in accordance with the latest and the most modern study programs. These programs are results of the mutual cooperation between eminent individuals and experts in their fields, people coming not only from Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo but also experts from all over Europe and the USA.

Besides the fact that the International University of Struga implements the latest educational programs and curricula’s, it also works with a highly qualified academic staff and the most eminent experts, people who are experts in their fields- Masters and Doctors of Science  with high scientific knowledge, experiences and achievements. This serves as a guarantee for the quality of the lectures, the efficient transfer of the knowledge in order to create professional and perspective future graduates.   

Apart from the undergraduate studies (Bachelor level) there are three accredited postgraduate programs within the University. The lecturers teaching at the post graduate studies are eminent experts from different countries of the region.

The teaching process at the International University of Struga is conducted under the most contemporary conditions in modern and equipped classrooms, a rich library with many headings on Macedonian, Albanian, English, French, German, Italian and Turkish language.  We also have electronic library that has many headlines discussing the general national situation in Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, the Balkans, Europe, the Euro-Atlantic area and the international organizations. The library also offers headings from the fields of security, economy, headlines elaborating various civilizations and the process of integration in general, as well as a very rich fund of headings for information technology. The University also possesses relaxation rooms.  

The International University of Struga is situated on the cost of the Ohrid Lake, one of the most attractive locations on the Balkans. Knowing this we can undoubtedly confirm that our University has the most modern and the most beautiful location in the region.

The latest challenge of the modern world is the human resource management. The era we live in, the goals we strive to achieve and the perspectives we tend towards are achievable faster and better with capable, well trained people as leaders, managers, administrators. We are all faced with the need for progress; in order to have progress one must possess a top quality. The high quality requires creation of institutions, the formed institutions need well trained people, for successful training we need modern and contemporary capacities- This is a huge vision and mission of the International University of Struga.

Dear citizens, parents, teachers, professors and students visit our premises and become part of the International University of Struga because our University makes the promises a reality, opens new and gives one very important perspective in your life, it stimulates you to be creative, active, motivated, courageous well trained and hard working individual ready to face the world.


Yours sincerely,

Prof. Dr. Armen Kadriu

Rector of the International University of Struga