The mission and objectives of the scientific conferences organized within the IUS

15. December. 2015 - 00:00

International University of Struga, as an institution of higher education in the RM, has undertaken to organize annual scientific conferences, in 2014. The participants of the conference were eminent personalities from various fields of the Republic of Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo and Turkey and researchers in economics, law, politics, information technology, education and the sphere of ecology, who with their attendance in the conference have given great contributions in various scientific fields. Conferences are intended to encourage debate by introducing a different perspective in evaluating the appropriate models of development. At these conferences is promoted a new model of development oriented in tradition, territory, technological innovation, research. In today's economy it is given an essential effectiveness to the aspect of competitiveness by looking without fail to increase efficiency. Although the environment and its respect cannot and should not be overlooked and misused in this competitive war of reducing prices at all costs. The discussion takes another course if the values of social responsibility of firms are a tool for sustainable development or a barrier for older models that consider the values of GDP "tout court". The new model of development supports both competitiveness and value of human capital, of economic growth, respect for the environment and human rights, legal security, productivity and social harmony.

The main objective of the International University of Struga is not only the creation and provision of an academic and professional approach but also promoting discussion on the newest and most important developments, on sustainable development and improving the quality of life as well as establishing a sustainable network communication between academics, professionals and researchers.